Episode: 06

Where the Sun Don't Shine


Tan your what?!?!

Mel and Kel try perineum sunning at the Assholes Live Forever content house. Tune in to see which one of them can't handle the heat and learn exactly what it is, the benefits and alternatives.

Episode: 05

Daddy Juice


Retired juice shop owner, Kel walks Mel through juice cleansing, tips, and tricks.  Don't miss out on her surprise caller. 

Episode: 04

The Master Cleanser


Lemonade for 10 days!?!

Join in as Mel walks Kel through her first experience of doing the Master Cleanser while managing a retail store 10 years ago and how she literally lost her shit at work.  

Episode: 03

Public Enema #2


FAQs of Coffee Enemas

One size does not fit all so we dig deeper into the whats, whys, and hows of at-home DIY coffee enemas.

Enema Instructions

Episode: 02

Public Enema #1


Coffee in your butt?! What?!?

Kel walks Mel through the steps to do an at-home coffee enema and literally does one on camera!

These aren't for everyone BUT anyone who wants to try it, should consult a medical professional BEFORE doing it. We are NOT doctors and are NOT giving any medical advice. We are sharing a homeopathic method that has personally helped us and that studies have shown to have helped people who do and don't have chronic illnesses.

Enema Instructions

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