Short Shit #3 Pineapple Express Benies

Episode No: 38

​​​​​​​Mel shares the benefits or what Kel likes to call benies of pineapple. Ever think you'd be healing your gut and losing weight drinking a pina colada in a bikini on a beach?'s not a proven fact but we all know about Mel and Kel's motto for living a balance life- party on the weekend, detox on a weekday.  Tune in to hear the other ways pineapple sweetens your life and helps you drop some LBs. This sweet fruit also help with all types of inflammation from arthritis, plastic surgery, cancer and of course in your gut. Let us know what you think about the tea.
The following is designed to entertain and inform. You should consult your doctor when it comes to your personal health, or before you start any treatment.

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