Season 1

Season 1 05
Season 1 Episode 05

Daddy Juice


Retired juice shop owner, Kel walks Mel through juice cleansing, tips, and tricks.  Don't miss out on her surprise caller. 

Season 1 04
Season 1 Episode 04

The Master Cleanser


Lemonade for 10 days!?!

Join in as Mel walks Kel through her first experience of doing the Master Cleanser while managing a retail store 10 years ago and how she literally lost her shit at work.  

Season 1 03
Season 1 Episode 03

Public Enema #2


FAQs of Coffee Enemas

One size does not fit all so we dig deeper into the whats, whys, and hows of at-home DIY coffee enemas.

Enema Instructions

Season 1 02
Season 1 Episode 02

Public Enema #1


Coffee in your butt?! What?!?

Kel walks Mel through the steps to do an at-home coffee enema and literally does one on camera!

These aren't for everyone BUT anyone who wants to try it, should consult a medical professional BEFORE doing it. We are NOT doctors and are NOT giving any medical advice. We are sharing a homeopathic method that has personally helped us and that studies have shown to have helped people who do and don't have chronic illnesses.

Enema Instructions

Season 1 01
Season 1 Episode 01

Behind the WHY

​​​​​​​Tune in to hear the "why" behind Kel and Mel's passion of starting this podcast...and remember to NEVER cheers your water, even if it's in a wine glass...If you're tuning in on YouTube, please excuse the fuzz and technical difficulties...this is what launching your own podcast on a budget looks like. lol. Thanks for being patient with us as we get our sh*t together. We had a blast at our launch party and can't thank our family, friends, sponsors and of course, followers, for all the love and support.

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